Red & Green Silk Tie by Niki Fulton

Red Silk Tie

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The Red Silk tie is a colour study inspired by the robes Judas was wearing in The Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci.
The tie has a red blade representing danger, fusing into a green tale representing jealousy - colours Leonardo carefully chose to depict Judas. 
By printing on silk, the colours catch the light beautifully and conveys a great depth which will change in different light conditions as the tie is worn from morning through to night.

Printed on 100% silk.

Blade width 7cm (2.75 inch), standard 150 cm (59 inch) length. Self tipped and hand finished with a colour 'gift' on the reverse of an unexpected colour bar tack - in this case a disciple blue.

Designed, printed and stitched in Great Britain.

Dry clean only.