About niki

The Journey - Motivated by Colour

I graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 1987 with a Master of Arts degree and went on to work in the design industry specifying contemporary furniture, lighting and artworks for public and private projects around Scotland. 

Cafe interior specified by Niki Fulton Gubi Stools Artemide light

I became increasingly interested in the use of colour as a powerful design tool and created a new interiors colour palette for a paint company's interiors range. This was awarded a Living etc Loves logo in 2010. I was also writing about colour theory and was invited to speak about colour harmony at Grand Designs Live at London’s ExCeL. 

Niki Fulton in Press

While working in colour design, I visited Bute Fabrics, a highly respected textile mill on the Scottish island of Bute. As soon as I saw the quality and skills the British textiles mills could offer, I knew I was going to move into textiles.

It was at this point, that I met Solii Brodie, owner of BeFabBeCreative, a fabric printing company, based in Edinburgh. She actively encouraged me to print my surface patterns onto local linens and silks. I was hooked. She introduced me to Kalopsia Collective, a micro manufacturing facility also in Edinburgh which helped me prototype the necktie collection allowing me the confidence to then have them manufactured by one of Britain's oldest tie makers.

Breton Signal Linen Tie by Niki Fulton

From early in the project, Gordon Miller of Scot Street Style, was enthusiastic and launched the ties in Brooklyn, New York City in 2015. By this time, the ties were being stocked in several British independent stores and galleries. I was then introduced to Creative Edinburgh  an organisation that helps creatives collaborate and connect - another pivotal moment in the growth of the business. I was also encouraged by Craft Scotland to expand into trade shows and was mentored by Cultural Enterprises Office and their Fashion Foundry scheme into developing the project further. Then Scotland Redesigned, an international platform for Scottish Fashion invited me to exhibit with them which has helped me reach a larger audience.

The first trade show I took part in was Top Drawer , January 2017, where Charlotte Abrahams  invited me to exhibit in the Spotted section. An experience I would highly recommend as it brought me face to face with exciting buyers. 

I have just finished a commission called Love Design, for Dr. Stacey Hunter, director of Local Heroes. The exhibition was showcased in the G&V Hotel Edinburgh in February 2017. 

I am extremely grateful to the many people and organisations who have helped me grow.

I use my company name, unifiedspace Ltd, for interiors projects and my own name, niki fulton, for my brand of neckware accessories.

Craft Scotland wrote, 'her designs have a feeling of rhythm and movement through careful placement and interaction of her chosen colour palette. She is inspired by her experiences of urban and rural landscape and also from arts and poetry' 


Fennel Tangle Silk Scarf designed by Niki Fulton