Peat Wool and Cashmere Scarf

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Through the heather to the rich fuel below. 

The Horizon Collection: a colour journey through the Hebridean landscape fused with Japanese principles of ikebana, creating space for colours to float on the horizon, a pause for reflection within a structured space. 

A wool and cashmere soft open weave gauzy unisex scarf in a 'Peat' design.

A bronze hue gradually shifting to a deep purple heather and the opposite end.

Warm and light to wear. Fold in half lengthwise and thread through the loop for a chic way to add colour and warmth to your look. 

Match with Peat Tie, Peat pocket square or if you are looking for a pattern, it looks great with Sandy Eclipse tie from the Graphic Collection. 

Approximately 41 cm (16 inches) wide by 155 cm (61 inches) long. Small fringe on short ends. 

93% wool, 7% cashmere. 

Designed and made in Great Britain.

Dry clean.