Lovewell Khaki silk tie designed by Niki Fulton. A teal & khaki print. Seen here on a mannequin.

Lovewell Khaki Silk Tie

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A silk tie in Lovewell Khaki print. 

Lovewell was inspired by the iconic Miami Beach Post Office building designed by architect and engineer Howard Lovewell Cheney in 1937. The circular entrance hall and raised cupola is reflected in the circular pattern of this print. The circles sit in squares referencing the neat lawns outside the Post Office. 

This is the khaki edition with a khaki and teal palette.

Available with a standard 8 cm (3.15 inch) blade or a narrower 7 cm (2.75 inch) blade, and both are standard 152 cm (60 inch) length. Self tipped and hand finished - with a colour 'gift' of an unexpected colour bar tack on the reverse - jade green in this case as it brings an energetic colour clash to the palette. 

Printed on 100% silk.

Designed, printed and stitched in Great Britain.