Botanical DNA Linen Tie

Botanical DNA Linen Tie

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A linen necktie in 'Botanical DNA' pattern.

The design is inspired from hardy small plants growing and reflecting next to Lake Tjornin in central Reykjavik, Iceland, which were surviving against all odds in the middle of a long dark winter. The design resembles a DNA helix and as my Father was a genetic scientist and a gardener, I enjoyed merging the two disciplines into this 'heritage' print. It is also a fun take on the stripy Old School Tie.

It is a deep inky blue and the pattern has a rebellious vibe to it. 

Printed on 100% Irish linen.

8 cm (3.15 inch) blade, standard 152 cm (60 inch) length. Self tipped & hand finished with a colour 'gift' on the reverse of an unexpected colour bar tack.

Printing 'Botanical DNA' print on 100% Irish Linen (rather than silk) gives the tie a contemporary twist. Great with jeans and a shirt and also adds individuality when worn with a suit.

Designed, printed & stitched in Great Britain.