Blue Silk Tie by Niki Fulton

Blue Silk Tie

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The Blue silk tie is a colour study inspired by the colour of the robes Jesus was wearing in The Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The tie has a blue blade - a colour widely seen in religion as representing sky, heaven, eternity and spiritual life. From the tail end of the tie, I’ve chosen red which will bleed into the eternal blue and meet half way creating lilac overtones which represents in many religions purification, redemption, personal sacrifice, resurrection, peace, wisdom and loyalty.

By printing on silk, the colours catch the light beautifully and conveys a great depth which will change in different light conditions as the tie is worn from morning through to night.

Printed on 100% silk.

Blade width 7cm (2.75 inch), standard 150 cm (59 inch) length. Self tipped and hand finished with a colour 'gift' on the reverse of an unexpected colour bar tack - in this case a regal purple. 

Designed, printed and stitched in Great Britain.

Dry clean only.