Prufrock Tie on mannequin

Prufrock Silk Tie

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A silk tie in 'Prufrock' print.

Inspired by a favourite T.S.Eliot poem, 'The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock' first published on 15th June 1915. 

I literally stopped in my tracks while listening to Jeremy Irons reading 'The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock' on Radio 4.

Never have I been so affected when hearing a poem. Towards the end, I knew I was going to design a tie to wear with white flannel trousers (bottoms rolled) to walk along a beach. This is the ultimate summer tie or a tie for a wedding. The blue of the sea with white crests and a hidden sandy yellow stitch.

Choice of classic 8cm (3.15 inch) or narrower 7cm (2.75 inch) blade and all standard 152 cm (60 inch) length. Self tipped and hand finished - with an unexpected colour bar tack on the reverse.

Printed on 100% silk.

Designed, printed and stitched in Great Britain.