Salt Silk Pocket Square / Neckerchief

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Moving with the tides.

The Horizon Collection: a colour journey through the Hebridean landscape fused with Japanese principles of ikebana, creating space for colours to float on the horizon, a pause for reflection within a structured space. 

A unisex silk pocket square or neckerchief in 'Salt' design.

A luxurious blend of sandy camel through to a Hebridean sea blue. The square is framed by the sea blue which is evident on the sandy side and gradually vanishes as it reaches the sea blue at the other side. This framing or border was inspired from looking at the sky framed by Shinto gates while on a trip to Japan. 

Wear as a luxurious pocket square pulling out the colour you prefer - you can subtly move the colour around as the day turns to evening.

Or wear as a unisex neckerchief. Match with the Salt tie or if you would like a pattern, this sits especially well with Freedom tie from the Graphic Collection. 

Approximately 42 cm x 42 cm (16.5 inches) square.

100% silk

Designed and made in Great Britain.

Dry Clean.