Richter Red linen tie by Niki Fulton Scotland

Richter Red Linen Tie

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A linen tie in 'Richter Red' pattern.

The design is inspired from the geology and the magma beneath our feet on planet Earth as I have long been fascinated with the rocks we stand on. It is charcoal grey with strong rich red graphical highlights appearing like a reading from the Richter Magnitude Scale. 

Printed on 100% Irish linen.

8 cm blade, standard 152 cm length. Self tipped & hand finished with a colour 'gift' on the reverse of an unexpected colour bar tack.

Printing 'Richter Red' on 100% Irish Linen (rather than silk) gives the tie a contemporary twist. Great with jeans and a shirt and also adds individuality when worn with a suit.

Designed, printed & stitched in Great Britain.