Deep Eclipse Tie designed by Niki Fulton

Deep Eclipse Linen Union Tie

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'Deep Eclipse' Linen Union Tie

This print is part of a collection commissioned by Dr.Stacey Hunter, Director of Local Heroes, for the Love Design project showcasing in the G&V Hotel, Edinburgh from 7th - 28th February 2017. The colour palette was to be inspired by 1930's Miami and reflect a 'modern elegance' 

The print is a fusion of the sun & the moon during an eclipse with geometric buildings in the foreground appearing like cubic trees. I designed this print in 2015 but for Love Design project, it appears in this limited edition Miami inspired colour palette. Printing on 100% Scottish Linen Union gives the tie a contemporary twist - a popular material during the 1940’s Swing era. 

8 cm blade, standard 152 cm length. Self tipped & hand finished with a colour 'gift' on the reverse of an unexpected colour bar tack.

Designed, printed and stitched in Edinburgh on Scottish linen.