Lovewell Linen Union Bow Tie

Lovewell Linen Union Bow Tie

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'Lovewell' Linen Union Bow Tie

This print is part of a collection commissioned by Dr.Stacey Hunter, Director of Local Heroes, for the Love Design project showcasing in the G&V Hotel, Edinburgh from 7th - 28th February 2017. The colour palette was to be inspired by 1930's Miami and reflect a 'modern elegance' 

Lovewell print is inspired by the iconic Miami post office designed by architect Howard Lovewell Cheney which was built in 1937. The pale pink rotunda with prominent cupola of the post office offset by the green lawns is what initiated the circular design and pale colour palette. Printing on Scottish linen union gives the tie a contemporary twist - a popular material during the 1940’s Swing era when the Miami post Office was operating. 

7 cm at widest point of bow. Adjustable for varying neck sizes. 

Designed, printed and stitched in Edinburgh.